What’s Up Wednesday: Growing

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Things are growing around here!

Remember how organic I was?  Well, I’m still organic with just a sprinkling of Corry’s snail killer.  I couldn’t get stuff to grow.  Period.  Well, I could get tomatoes and bigger plants but like lettuce and things that I wanted to grow from seed — nada. {sigh}  Anyway — now I go into the garden and I see a little trail of dead snails and I feel happy inside.  Does that make me evil?  When the choice is going completely organic or not having one at all I decided to allow a few non-organic items.  For the record, I did try eggshells with no luck.  My snails must be super snails!    Lettuce replanted, low expecations high hopes. :)  If only the worms were as abundant as the snails.

Last week we had open house at school.  I love open house.  It’s so great to see all the parents there really appreciating what the kids have done all year!  In Kindergarten they get a special memory book full of crafts, photos and writing that they’ve done this year.  I love it.  It takes a ton of time and I REALLY appreciate all that the teachers put into it.  Spencer will soon start a bin like I have for Conner and all the schoolwork I keep for him (I should blog about that, I really like my system).  The first photo here is Spencer and his teacher (she is so hip and fashionable, I want to be like her).  The other one is a self portrait and next to it says, “I can count to 119″ — the kids all did a self portrait and put something that they learned how to do this year.  I love that wall. :)  Kindergarten is such a happy thing I am really going to miss it!
Conner, of course also had open house.  He has had a really great year for him.  His teacher has really pushed him, which I of course love.  His teacher actually usually teaches 5th grade, but had a 4/5 combo this year (we will, fingers crossed, having him next year as well).  It really looks like Conner adores him in this photo… doesn’t it?  At open house they were supposed to teach us how to make these little graphic representations of a formula and I must admit I was totally lost… but at least he didn’t have to put my name under the warning on the board. :)  Sad when your child is smarter then you.  At least I still have P, right?  To the right you see a cool drawing that he did.  Somehow I can’t remember what this was supposed to be, but it was some sort of indian drawing… one of the moms in the class teaches art and she came and helped out with it.  They were very cool, and Conner was really proud of his.
Last, but of course not least — Miss P is truly a walker now.  She’ll stand up on her own, she’s cute as a button and SO proud of herself (she does have a pretty large male cheering section).  I told my mom for EVER that I’d put a video up of it, and voila.  True to my word. 

In other news, this weather is crazy, I’m so tired of having a cough — my allergies are really loving all this rain.  Maybe Corry’s makes an allergy killer… Hmm….

Oh, and while we’re telling what’s up.  Call the Shots isn’t renewing its business license.  I thought a lot about it and it’s just not something I want to do anymore.  I will still barter (beacuse I LOVE to do that) but paid shoots are too intimidating for me (and time consuming).  Let’s face it, I have a job and 3 kids and I think that’s plenty for a gal’s plate. :)  I know, you’re all SO disappointed. :)

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    I just left a post for you on your other blog and didn’t address it to you and afterwards, realized that there are several people who are a part of the blog, so I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your comments on my blog! Sounds like your a pretty awesome mom!

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    Look at Miss P go!

    And I’m glad you figured out the snails thing. My parents have a horrible snail infestation, too. It has been really hard to get rid of them so I hope you’ve done it!

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