Photo of the Week

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Is it the most amazing photo I’ve ever taken, no.
But I love her mom, and her grandma… and her grandma babysits Paige every other week so I can help out at school and I’d do just about anything to pay her back. :)
Even though I didn’t renew my business lisence I can still take pictures.  I love doing it and editing them and seeing the real beauty in a person come through is really a joy for me.
I think what I love most about this is that little arm.  So darn triumphant as a little princess.  I wish I could feel triumphant like that more often.  My plans always seem to get derailed.  I should feel “confident, dry and secure” more often. :)  Don’t mess with this girl.  She’s take you out. :)

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  1. Jessie Moore says

    Hil- seriously you are so talented!! I can’t wait for you to do my wedding someday. LOL. Love you.

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