School Year

This morning as I was making breakfast I thought about how life goes by school years, it always has for me.  Even when I was pre-school aged my dad taught at the university and life was ran by school.  Then came my own school years.  Utah is a great place to spend your summers.  There were always lots of visits to friends and riding our bikes, and burning our buns on hot slides.  During summers in high school I did marching band and didn’t realy feel like I got a summer, but I did.  It was something out of the ordinary, different from the regular school grind.

Then came college and even though I went to school full time both fall and winter, summer was still more fun.  I worked more, I had more fun, there were fireworks both literally and figuratively. :)

Then Drew was in school right up until we had Conner.

Then he taught, and continues to teach….

My life goes by school years.

It’s just so nice to have that break in summer, and a nice fresh clean slate in the fall….

There’s a rhythm to it and everyone knows I love an organized rhythm….  Something to hold onto when the rest of life swirls.  Just keep the beat.

The school yard beat.

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