Teach Me Tuesday: Handwriting

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I’m a bit of a handwriting snob.  It could’ve been years of wading through poorly written docotors and nurses notes.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time with other nurses trying to figure out what a doctor has written.  The doctors aren’t apologetic, either.  One time we even tried to ask him and he hadn’t a clue.  Good times.

Anyway, Conner has awful handwriting.  It drives me insane. 
Is it a boy thing?

I’m pretty sure it is, but I don’t care.  I want to fix it this summer.
But how?

Above you’ll see a note he wrote for me.  Sadly, even on lined paper the lines still seem to look like this.  It’s just something I’d like to work on.  Have I seen worse, obviously.  It’s not chicken scratches, but in order to communicate, people need to understand your communications.

SO, how do I do it?  Last year I did worksheets on cursive and penmanship and it didn’t seem to help.  He’d just hurry through them to get onto the next thing.  Also, I feel like those might be a waste of time.

Maybe some good ol’ fashioned spelling words?

I dunno, but I thought I’d ask.

Help me readers, help. :)

P.S.  I love this card.  It hangs by my sewing desk in the office. It gives me happy feelings.  Every kid should write a card like this.  I shoudl write one for my mom.

Maybe tomorrow.  I have my canning party tonight. :)

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    Bria’s handwriting is pretty atrocious, too. Chloe’s is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like she is 12 years old and not 7. It is better than mine sometimes. :)

    Bria is impatient and wants to get through things quickly. Chloe takes the time to make it look perfect because it is important to her.

  2. says

    Lara’s comment put it in a good perspective for me. Ali’s handwriting drives me MENTAL. She’s always in a hurry, and therefore her words end up looking like a sloppy mess. When she tries, she does much better. I really didn’t know how bad it was until I saw some of the other kid’s writing at school.

    Let me know what you think up for summer. I’m already resigned to dedicated writing time each day. I’ll grade her on her handwriting as well as spelling. I’m thinking it’s not a boy thing. Maybe a first child thing. Emily already pays more attention to how her letters look.

    I read an article about it the other day, that gave some good advice. Give them a journal, let them write whatever they want, but they have to write, and they have to make it legible.

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