What Bugs me About Medical People

 I’ve seen my physical therapist the last few weeks.  Weekly.

But just lately I suddenly feel like I need to take my life into my own hands.

Like she’s not reading my chart, she goes off on a random tangent every time I see her.

Drives me INsane.

I just want to scream at her to see if I’m actually improving and stop talking about stuff she went to some class for.

Anyway, just a reminder that your health is just that — YOURS.

If you feel like it’s being taken with little regard it’s time to take it back, and hug it.

And possibly take a nap.

Tailbone is improving, in case you care… just not sure I can take any more belittling of my pelvic floor.

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    My dear, you’ve been told you have a phenomenal pelvic floor, and that was two and a half babies later. Nobody should belittle your pelvic floor! I get what you’re saying about taking it into your own hands. Being proactive about mine and my kids health has proven to be a life saver for us.