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Really, the summer of love just continues and keeps on gettin’ better!

I’m behind on pictures, and while these are nothing to write home about (I don’t usually take the big camera to school for events… I still love them.  The one on the left is whe Spencer says “I’m a first grader”… gets me every. single. time.  At some point I’m going to have to post some video.
Here we are at Gilroy Gardens, and yes — that is a giant garlic clove, thanks so much for noticing.  You see, the entire town smells like garlic, so why not make a theme park based around that.  Like, when a fat kid makes jokes about being fat.  Yeah, they have a multi-million dollar themepark.  A themepark, which… by the way, was totally empty on our day.  I’m not sure if it was a fluke, due to them having  giant sale on tickets for the Friday before we went (I got my tickets on the cheap from my hospital) or what, but golly gee, I hope they stay in business.  My kids didn’t wait for a single ride.  How often do you see that?
P and I went on the paddle boats together.  Have you ever seen anything so cute in your whole life?  She, honestly, wasn’t much of a fan and her heft of 16 pounds made it so we did a lot of circles and then did a quick return to the dock before she needed the life jacket.  Also, her hat kept coming down, covering her whole face to the life jacket so I bet that wasn’t too fun, but we sure showed skin cancer who was boss! :)
And, because you can never have enough pictures of babies, here she is on her first solo ride.  A. Dorable.
And at the water sprinklers. :)  Not a fan in the beginning, but then she toughened-up.
And, because Conner deserves just a little shout out, he was very brave at the Gilroy Gardens, and went on every ride, perhaps modestly redeeming himself from turning into a giant Foster Farms-like chicken at Disneyland.  Here he is on the swings with Drew and that isn’t a ride I’d go on.  I always worry my shoes are going to fall off.  Seriously.
So, the summer of fun just continues.  We have a few more trips planned, and I have the kids praying that I work when I’m scheduled.  Can’t hurt to add a little child-like faith to my own, right?

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  1. says

    C is looking older in that top picture.
    I went with our oldest twice to Gilroy Gardens and he really liked it. I don’t remember the huge garlic head or garlic rides so that must be new this year. Though I can say there is a whole half of the park we haven’t made it to as I’ve always been by myself with either one or two kids so no chance to do anything but the kiddie rides. The drive is a big deterrent for me because I always stay longer than I should and then the kids sleep in the car but I am drowsy and want to nap too! That happened today when we went to the beach – they napped on the way home and were ready to run around when got back but I could hardly keep my eyes open. Glad the summer fun keeps coming!

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