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Check our new couch out!  Sans the chaise, and that crazy ottoman… it’s all ours!  Well, it will BE all ours once it’s delivered because they’re makin’ it to order baby.

Drew and I had SUCH a hard time making a decision.  I’m talking SUCH a hard time.  I felt sorry for our poor sales lady.  The fabric is like a thick courderoy… it’s hard to explain.  BUT it looks like that, just as red and just as sectional (but no chaise, I thought about it, but I decided it’d hurt my working out space…)  We finally went with this becaue the courderoy will hide (hopefully) any bits of dust, debris, etc.  It’s a microfiber so that’s pretty awesome.  We decided on this mostly for the comfort, but also the price.  We could’ve gotten some fairly crappy leather sectionals  but we decided to go with this.

I hope we’re happy.

Either way the other two are almost at implosion point.

So, do I sell them cheap on craig’s list?  If I list them for 20 bucks each do you think they’ll go fast?  We have a couch and a recliner.  ON first glance they’re not awful… but upon further evaluation you see a lot of wear.

Anyway, don’t come over thinking they’ll be here and I’m lounging on them eating my bon bons.  It doesn’t come til’ mid-summer.  I’ll invite you all over then. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Love it. We have a red microfiber sofa/love seat. I have loved having red…Nice to go bold! The courdery sounds very cool. I like that idea b/c ours is starting to show grime after 6 years…but I think some kind of texture would have minimized that. All your hard work paid off…b/c you have a sofa for a long time and everyone uses it all the time…so I say, take some time and get what you like!

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