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Finally made it through my senior year last night.  I don’t think I’ve even cracked them for about 4 years, so it’s brought back a lot of memories.

First off, once I could date, I was BOY. CRAZY.  Which, is amusing because no one was crazy over me til’ college.  Then, perhaps a tad too crazy.  But I digress….  I think I took my obsessive need to obsess over things, and threw that into boys.  I don’t think I really liked any of them, just the pursuit. :)  I do love a good pursuit, be it making the perfect loaf of bread, or making a boy find me so darn alluring.  Again, didn’t happen til’ college (so I should give myself some slack in the bread area).

But, those autographs, those are my favorites.  So many sweet compliements, I’m sure it made my head grow 10 feet!

It made me think how nice and neat high school was.  Those friends were pretty-well there!  Sure, a few moved, and we’d sing some sort of “friends are friends forever” type song and hold hands with them {sigh, seminary}.  But there are plenty of people who professed how great I am in my senior yearbook that I haven’t seen since that day.  Some, I have befriended on facebook, but it’s surely not the same as spending day in and day out with them.  Some of them I’d even spent since elementary school with!

But, life’s not like that any more.  I don’t have a single friend in CA that I can date myself to before August 2001 (when we moved there).  Most of them didn’t start until well after that date (it took me quite a while to settle into my CA life, working full time, being away from home… I was miserable for a good year or two).  I consistently have friends moving into my heart and out of my area.  I was reading a journal a few months ago and in it I said at least I’ll always have the Browns, Smiths, Howards, and Nguyens (names have been changed to protect the innocent, of course).  Every single one of those people has moved.

Every. single. one.

I’ve re-invented myself countless times there.  Searching for new friends that I can hold dear before they leave me.

But, that’s not what this blog is about (but, 2 of my best friends are both leaving me within 2 months, nice…).  I was just thinking how nice it would be if we all carried around yearbooks.  I’d love to tell those friends how much they mean to me, how they’ve changed my life, how great they are before we part paths (them, saying they’ll come visit plenty, and me knowing better), even just saying they are 2 cool 2 be 4 gotten. :)  I should do that, but things get in the way.  Mostly my kids, but it would be nice if they shoved a yearbook in my face that I could sign for them. :)

So, I’m dedicating this page to a yearbook of sorts.  Do you love me, do you miss me?  Of course you do.  If you write me a comment about the good times you miss with me, I’ll do the same on your own blog.  Just like on my other blog entry, I also think we, as women and mothers, need more cheerleaders out there.  Maybe I will start carrying around a yearbook….  OK, no.  My diaper bag is full enough! :)

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    Hilly!! I love you so much. I totally wish we lived closer together. In fact, I was kinda sad when I realized you were in Utah and I didn’t even know it and we hadn’t gotten together. Not giving you a guilt trip, just letting you know I would have loved to see you. Next time though :)

    We totally should have had roommate yearbooks. KIT KAT!!

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