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We went to Minnetonka Caves on this trip. 
Man, that place has a lot of stairs. I don’t actually know of any caves that we have around here, so going there seemed like a good plan.
Did i mention a lot of stairs, 444 one way… and that’s right, 888 total.  Good math skills! :)
The kids were troopers though.  Spencer had been sick, and I worried that Drew would be hauling him out, but he did great on his own.  I, had P and I’m pretty sure this trip alone made it so I only gained 4 pounds on the “vacation”.
Then, it off to Labeau’s for shakes rewarding us for a job well done.  We really liked the cave… but a favorite is when the guide turned off the light and sang hold to the rod while we did a few rooms in the dark whole holding to th hand rail.  And no, I’m not kidding.    Please feel free to see the “Crazy Utah” post. :)

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