Crazy Utah

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Utah is a crazy state.  Period.  No one will convince me otherwise.  Here’s some places we visited that are just weird (but we love).

Smith & Edwards  You can buy yourself an idaho spud candy bar or a tank here.  Or, perhaps some giant cans of dehydrated food, or some cowboy boots.  The kids favorite was definitely the candy (stopped there to get some for Conner’s birthday cake).  I guess it was a surplus store gone bi-zerk.  Go figure.
Seagull Book and Tape.  Ok, the store itself just sells Mormon paraphanalia, and whoop-dog is it cheap.  BUT, there were a good 100 crickets outside of it.  I was entirely amused by that fact.  Some of my other Utah history fellows might remember the crickets and the seagulls story and also be amused.  BTW, they were gross, and I thought Spencer might die of stress while we walked there.
Red Iguana.  I swear this place is a new color every time we go, but boy oh boy do we love it.  We even made it TWICE this time.  Drew was in heaven.  A personal favoirte is the crazy motel next door with their garden gnomes.  Worth a visit, even Guy Fieri thought so. And yes, this is an amazing photo. 
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    LOL…crazy old Utah. Random side note. Back in the day when the pioneers came across the plains my great, great grandmother came and built a bakery when she arrived. The back of that building is the orignal building of her bakery..isn’t that cool? :)
    Glad you guys had fun!!

  2. says

    :) very funny! What sort of food does the ‘ole Red Iguana serve? I can’t quite figure it out from the name! And where is it? And Guy Fieri really went there, huh? Cool!

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