Demolition Derby

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Our kids are just so dang refined…. I knew a demolition derby was just what the doctor ordered from “lossenin’ up’ :)

as soon as I saw the Logan derby was going on I knew we needed to take the boys!

Gratefully, Drew’s mom took P.
Off we went, after the usual stop at big J’s (where they serve the kids meals in cowboy hats) we made our way in, somehow finding a front row seat.
I wanted to see the boys faces as the first crashes started.

Horror, delight, wondering if this was really ok flashed over their faces… And as they slowly realized it was about wrecking cars smiles broke-out over their faces.

So, have u ever been to one?

Just as good as wicked, & a lot cheaper…ok, maybe not but we sure did enjoy ourselves!

I found myself, as we walked out to our car, wondering why the other cars were so quiet & worried they’d haul-off & hit me.

it’s a fun little world, but what goes on @ the derby, stays at the derby.
In retrospect, I think this was one of the funnest parts of our trip.  Just a time to let loose and have fun.  I also realized how gosh-darn easy I used to have it with only 2 kids.  SO easy.  I kept thinking about P and what a mess she’d be at it.  Love her, but she’s work.

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