Flipping Through Time

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I was looking at one of my high school yearbooks the other night.

I got to thinking as I saw all those long-ago familiar faces about how people grew-up and what were the indicators of if they’d be a “success” or not.  I am sure I measure a “success” in a different way then some people… and I don’t really want to go into that now…

Was there something that you could see in faces that would show you how’d they be as adults.

The girl with the cold sore, was all that stress and pressure her parents put on her worthwhile?

The kids with goth tendancies, did that keep them from suceeding in life?

Were there parents that really made differences in their kids, and how can I do that?

Either way it’s an interesting look through life.

I’m also always amused at what people say to me on their signatures in the book.  Lots about french (we had a winner of a french teacher my freshman year), band, and how funny I am.  Minus the french and that’s still my life today.  Just not me in the band. :)

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    My 10 year high school reunion is coming up this fall. My little sister just graduated high school (10 years after me) and I met a friend I hadn’t seen since high school so that has also made me reflect on my time since. For me it’s been college, marriage, job, kids. I had pulled out my yearbooks a month or two ago and was also surprised by the comments. Mostly I just don’t remember all the comments about people saying that I was nice. It must mean more to me now than it did then. I do wonder what has become of the people from high school. The ones I have followed loosely (mostly through facebook) seem to have taken their high school selves and broadened it and deepened but they still have many of the same characteristics. I haven’t found anyone that seems completely different from how I remember them. I guess I will be able to report back better after the reunion. Good times!

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