The Fourth

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I just have to say, isn’t the fourth of July an amazing holiday.  I must say it’s a time I get very nostalgic for my childhood hometown.

The parades.

The Stadium of Fire (if you’re really from happy valley, you’re singing the themesong right now).  I remember watching Donny Osmond hang from a helicopter singing “We’re Comin’ To America”.

The talks at the Marriot center about how lucky we are to live here and how God has blessed our country.


It’s just not the same here.  I think people enjoy our country, but we’re not really PASSIONATE about it… and I’d have to say I’m one of them.  I love my country, I feel blessed to live here and so proud of our armed services….

I never really thought the Freedom Festival (which is actually AMERICA’S freedom festival, so feel free to visit) would be something I’d miss.  I don’t, however, miss marching in that 100 degree parade with 20 pounds of polyester stuck to my sweaty body :).  But I do.

What did/are you going to do?

BTW, after searching long and hard for someone on youtube to have posted the stadium of fire theme song, I did come across this blog entry about the freedom festival with a pretty amusing video at the bottom.

WAIT, here it is! Themesong starts at 13 seconds…

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    JOel and I were just talking about how much we miss Provo on the 4th. Although we did see a pretty amazing fireworks display the other night.

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    Went to Stadium of Fire this year. It was AMAZING and I totally agree with you. They really nail that American Pride. I loved it! Random fact: Lou Diamond Phillips hosted it…WTH?

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