Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pick Your Own

My kids have clothes for ages just waiting for them.  I am always buying larger sizes on clearance and keeping them on hand for when those unexpected growth spurts occur.  Spencer, of course, has all the hand me downs from Conner... and let's not even talk about P, the girl has clothes for YEARS...

But that doesn't stop me from going back to school shopping.  It's become a traditional time where they and me go on a date to pick out the duds they think will make them a hip dude.  I think that clothes beget confidence and new clothes that are new and clean beget a good first impression, and we all know you don't get a second chance at that, don't we {flip to deodorant commercial}

Today, Spencer and I took a nice jaunt to Target, and then Ross, followed by a refueling stop at the Round Table pizza buffet, finished off by Sears.  Man that kid is skinny, and news to me -- he hates to shop.  I think molasses could try on clothes faster then this kid! 

"The tag's too poky"
"I can't do the snap"
"I can't get this over my sock"
and on, and on...

We ended up with a fine pair o' toughskins (taking me way back to my OWN hand me downs), and a clearanced Lands End Shirt.  I give the kids a budget and everything, Spencer had a few extra dollars and got himself a lovely T-shirt portraying the life cycle of a frog.  I'm sure that will win him lots of friends in first grade.  It, however, is not a good impression T-shirt, it will be saved for a later date.

In our spare time we talk about possible teachers, his longing to be in Miss Dodson's class (who, Conner had for first grade, but thanks to ugly budget cuts she's moving to third grade), who he'd like to be in his class, or doesn't want to be in his class, what he'll learn, how he'll behave, how one day he'll have to grow-up and have a big boy voice, and button his own pants...

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  1. Super idea to go one on one and make it a date. I need to to that this year. ON our list will be new sock and those get thrashed to quickly!! I'm like you and buy stuff when I see it clearanced, so I don't usually buy many new clothes at school time, but the time together is what's important. Thanks!


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