Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip RE-Visit

We go to Idaho, mainly for Drew's family reunion (which, also happens to be bi-yearly).

They're funny little things, aren't they? I come from an anti reunion family... & in general the idea of contrived activities designed to bring you closer together isn't something I'm a fan of.

Oddly, I am much closer to the family that never hd reunions per se.

But, enough negative nelly.

Our kids love the reunion & while we have plenty of "family" where we live, only a few are actually blood related. Kids need cousins. A good part of me hopes they can find them in college & be as close as I became with mine.

Btw, I think one side of our family just does funerals for reunions... Booo to that!

Much better to gather around a pond.
Wow, a short one.  Who typed these?
I will add that my kids ADORE the reunion, and there are some set activities including a water slide that they just can't get enough of. I will also admit that as someone not actually related to any of these people... well, there's just a lot of things I Don't "get'... thankfully, I really like Drew's familiy (he has 5 sisters) and his brothers-in-law are great to joke around about how insane it all is. :)

1 comment:

  1. Joel's family likes the reunions a bit more than mine, too.

    But, however we manage to get together, it's all good.

    except for funerals. :(


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