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Don’t you feel like the summer closes a chapter on your life?  Maybe because we were married in August and school has always been a huge part of our lives, I feel extra like that…  I just feel so much like it’s a new beginning.

This past year has been one of tailbones and travel.  Everyone’s growing up so much.  Conner was such a stinker, but an amazing Willy Wonka.  Spencer had a great kindergarten year, and I’m excited for him to really blossom academically in first grade, and perhaps actually find a big boy voice.  P is a crazy whoop-holler-er who loves her brothers (and I’m a little afraid how she and I will handle it, just us 2).

I hate transitions.

Today at 5 pm we’ll figure out who will be the directors in this year’s movie.  I am fairly sure Conner will have the same ol’ lame teacher he had last year (kidding, he’s perfecto for the con-dude — he was in a 4/5 combo and the teacher ususally teaches 5th grade, no — Conner’s not being held back, at least not at school).  I hope hopes for who Spencer will have, but I have heard nothing but great stuff about all of our 1st grade teachers.  That, of course, is a happy thing.

On the first day of Jr. High I was faced with a class list with none of my usual friends.  I was intimidated, scared, and not at all loving to be at a school where bats had recently flown out of a wall (true story).  My mom told me that I needed to give her the name of a friend that afternoon when I came home.  I remember sitting in homeroom and I met Emily Harrison… who, in fact, continued to be one of my best friends through high school and even in College (although, I have yet to find her on facebook — anyone?).

I kind of feel like that now.  I don’t know why.  I have lots of friends, just like I did in junior high, but they’re not in my “classes”.  There’s no more Friday walks with Miranda, or hour long conversations with Becky to help fill the boring time during naps/cleaning.  Things are new, different, and I must admit, a little exciting.  Who will I turn into this year?  It’s time for lessons with P, and we can even start going to the moms group at church (once we’re done with our AM nap).  Things are a changin’ and I’m hoping for the better. :)

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    I’m so glad you’ll be able to come to playgroup. It’s made a huge difference in my making friends – it’s my “homeroom” if you will. Love you.

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