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My friend Lara wrote a great entry on making it through the summer with no paycheck.  I was touched by a lot of what she said.  Lara belongs to the same church as me and therefore pays 10% of her income to the church as tithing.  It’s a hard thing to do, esp. with finances are short.  But, we are promised that God will see us through if we do what He asks.  Lara has definitely been an example of that this summer.  I loved her entry.  Of course, I love her, so that helps too. 😉

Recently I was kind of holding my own pitty party that miraculous things don’t happen.  I tend to overschedule myself and working is completely a blessing but I also get cancelled nearly as much as I work.  It’s just part of the game of being Per Diem.  I was cleaning my kitchen at the time, and is there any better time to have a pitty party?  Answer: No, there isn’t.

And then it hit me.  God has blessed me with the power of numbers.  And only in one specific area.  It takes me YEARS to remember some one’s phone number (and by then they will have most likely moved).  I can’t remember dosages of medications, I always have to look it up.  Memorization just isn’t my strong suit, feel free to check my anatomy grade in college — it wasn’t stellar.  I’d walk into a dead body full of pins and wonder what in the heck I got myself into!

I am sensing a tangent here… let me see if I can pull it back to reality.

The power of numbers, I have it.  And I have it with grocery shopping (and to a certain extent, all of shopping).  I can tell you how much I paid for almost anything.  I have a good idea of what a good price is on almost anything.  Comparing that to my ability to memorize phone numbers, or addresses… it’s amazing how I can remember things in one area.  I also remember i have coupons, I’m able to keep track of all of them and how they will interact with ecoupons.  Really, it’s a marvel I’m not in a coma after keeping track of all that. :)

So, while it may not be a neighbor dropping off a box of unwanted food, or an anonymous check just as the bank account is making death rattle sounds there is something else which blesses us on each shopping trip.

You just have to look for the blessings and they appear.  How sad God must be when we don’t realize how amazing he is to us all of the time.  It’d be easy for me to say that it’s just something I’ve worked on and perfected, but in reality it’s something God has given me.  And I’m grateful for it

*Man, this entry sounded a bit self-righteous, didn’t it?  I just think too often we overlook the gifts God gives us to get through our lives.  And that is all.

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    Hmm… something to think about. I never thought about being thankful that I have a desire to be frugal. I guess I’ve always considered frugality to be necessary, but now that I think about it, I realize that I have friends that need to be frugal yet continue to splurge on unnecessary things even when they are technically unable.

    And yes, I need to search out the blessings that I may have missed. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the love. :)

    And, I think you are on to something here. I do NOT have the talent that you do for this, although I’m better than some people. But I have to try hard. This summer I have done so much better that I need to keep the momentum going!

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