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Ok, so last Saturday instead of work (I got cancelled) I sat around on ebags and looked for a new bag.  I DREAD taking my current diaper bag out with me.  It’s so big, it hurts my shoulder and I just don’t love it.  Also, P just doesn’t need as much anymore.  HORRAY!!!!

Anywho, here are the 3 I ordered, and I’ve promised myself I’m only keeping 1… or 2.  Kidding, really Drew, I’m kidding.

First off, one from bagalinni
Pros:  Cute color, nice and light, I like its cell phone pocket, I like how it slings across my body instead of a regular backpack style.
Cons:  There aren’t much pockets once you get inside the little bugger.  That main compartment is really big, and i think I just wish there was another pocket or two inside it to keep stuff a bit more organized.  It’s Also, the front pocket is only separated with mesh from the next pocket.  It’s also the most expensive.

Second, one from Olympia.  I actually ordered it in blue, it’s so cute (I think if it was entirely based off appearances, I’d get this one).
Pros:  It’s really small, it has 2 sippy pockets (I need to double check a sippy will fit in it — yes, it does, and nice and deep so it won’t fall out).  Within each pocket there’s organizational areas.
Cons:  It’s really small.  I’m not totally sure that there’s enough room, and I worry that I will look like I’m headed to preschool when I wear it. Should straps are kinda bear.  But, my friend pointed out that P could wear it.  Did I mention it’s cute?
And third, is one from ebags.  I REALLY like ebags quality. My first one was from them, and it’s held up well.  They stand behind their products (just don’t love it for the “season” we’re currently in).
Pros:  It’s sturdy, with nicely padded shoulder straps  Nice compartimentalization inside — LOTS of pockets!.  It’s nice and cheap. :)
Cons:  NO SIPPY cup holder on the outside.  Also, it’s a little large, but honestly I think it’s more on the perfect side then the too large side.  There is one on the inside, but it’s mesh.  Is a sippycupon the inside just ASKING for hurt? :)
Ok, writing this review was honestly a bit therapeutic for me.  I’m considering using the ebags one as my “larger” diaper bag, the one I take when we’re going somewhere for a while.  And keeping the cute smaller one as my every day bag.  The ebags one seems really great and for 11 bucks… [sigh]  What do you guys think?  REALLY.

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  1. says

    Cheap and big, that’s pretty much my life philosophy. :)
    They all look cute, so no worries in that department. I like your plan of keeping 2 for different purposes. If I had to pick just one, I’d vote number 3 (see above philosophy).

  2. says

    I find it funny that you ordered all three. :)
    I am a big fan of organization so I say the one with the most of this. I also love having a sippy on the outside. I can’t think of how many times I have to try and get water back to my son while driving. Knowing right where it is without digging or doing a zipper is the only way to go.

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