Hoarder vs. Lazy

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Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of ThingsDrew and I caught a snippet of the TLC show, “Hoarders: Buried Alive” last night as we were finishing our movie.  Somehow this show bugs me.  I get the actual medical disease of hoarding.  But those people were meticulous about their things and what they saved, etc. 
But, a lot of the people on this show seem to do a dis-service for those who medically have a problem.  Here’s a few facts for these people:
1.  Keeping a house is HARD.  Epecially with children.  Children tend to hoard, they tend to not put things away, and they bring dirt wherever they go.  You also want to buy them 5 million dollars worth of toys so they will STOP BOTHERING YOU.

2.  If you want someone to clean your house, you need to look in the mirror because you made that bed, now lie in it.  Don’t pretend like it’s because your husband doesn’t help you.  Because guess what!  HUSBANDS aren’t by nature, big helpers in this arena.

3.  Husbands, help.  Stop saying it’s all her fault.  Maybe if showed her a little love and attention she’d stop going to Target or the dump to get crap to fill your home with.

4.  Here’s a huge fact for you. NO. ONE. LIKES. THROWING. AWAY. STUFF.  Do you think anyone loves tossing something they spent their hard earned cash on?  Not even me, but I do it — daily, weekly, forever.  I also ingrain it in my children so they realize that stuff is just stuff and your life is your life.

Anyway, I guess my brightness of hope just couldn’t shine on these people. I was one of the rare few who really loved Sister Beck’s talk about being a better homemaker.  I think it’s always an area that all of us can improve upon.  This isn’t to say that my house isn’t always spotless, but I do love it a lot more when it’s clean.  I feel more peace, more happiness, and more brightness of hope.

As a disclaimer, I do think that there is a small percentage of these people who actually have this problem, but a lot of them are just lazy and that’s just sad.  Aren’t there enough lazy people on TV already?

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  1. says

    I totally agree. About the laziness thing. It’s easy to let it get out of control.

    I think Bria has hoarding issues, BTW. She FREAKS out when we have to clean. And she saves really weird things like soft drink cups and candy wrappers and doesn’t want to throw them away. Thoughts?

  2. says

    I understand it’s a disease. But I just can’t for the life of me wrap my head around the fact that some of those people are keeping rotten food, dead animals, & *gag* their own feces.

    & half the time, these are well-educated, professional people who manage to be productive outside their homes. I can totally see how things can pile up after a while… how it would get overwhelming, but yes I would have to say that laziness has to be a big factor for most of these cases.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree. It seems that all of these people use some lame excuse for why they don’t throw their garbage away. The fact is that it isn’t fun cleaning, washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, taking out the trash and all the other things that are required to keep a house and to just Clean up the personal mess that we make. Some of the so called hoarders claim sickness prevents them from cleaning but it doesn’t prevent them from shopping, dumpster and trash diving and producing the mess. Also their mess contributes to their sickness. Many of them can work outside the home as professionals but they see the cleaning as not something they should have to do. They sit there and complain all the while hard working crews risk their health to clean up literally their and their animal’s shit! Of course they are soo happy when the rooms are clean and suddenly they see their error and take credit for the cleaning. I am sorry but I think that they were never asked or shown to clean as children or to be conscious about this so as adults they don’t take responsibility for it. They don’t take responsibility for anything. Many are on disability, living in homes that were given to them so no mortgage responsibility is there and their own health condition isn’t their making. I vote for lazy!

  3. says

    I’ve turned my daughter into a hoarder… by accident. I throw everything away, so she clings onto things for dear life. Poor girl’s afraid to let her shoes out of her sight.
    I love sister Beck’s talk too! I get inspired by those things, rather than discouraged.

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