I Love My Blog

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I love my blog.

I just read through the last few entries.  I love how it is SO many things to me:

1. A journal — I actuall keep another journal for private thoughts and feelings.  My kids each have their own journal that I write as well, but it’s so nice to be able to type out things like our trip and have those memories down and able to go into a blog book someday (I just realized I am going to do another blog book at the end of this year, and I’ll be honest, that thought does NOT excite me!).

2.  Therapy.  I write out so many thoughts and feelings and it’s so helpful to be able to re-read them and get another perspective on the whole thing.  Plus, people sometimes comment and that helps even more!

3.  It’s pretty.  I love showing pretty pictures on it, and while there haven’t been a lot lately, I really want to start once school is back in session.

4.  I love other people’s blogs, and it makes me happy to have my own.  I’ve been reading some old school friends blogs, and it’s so nice to see them all grown up and suffering with kids like me.

Anyway, just feeling blessed that it’s a medium we have now, glad that I am taking advantage of it. And so, apparently, are you. :)

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  1. says

    So true! Those truly are the reasons I try to make time. Especially #1. Otherwise those things weren’t getting recorded beyond just loading pictures onto my computer.

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