I was that mom, for once!

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Today I needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store, but it’s also the first Saturday I’ve been home for a while so we had a lot to get done too!

I set-out what each kid needed to get done, and told them if I found them playing or messing around before those things got done, they would get an extra job.  I also give out extra jobs if they SAY they’ve done something, and I come back to see it wasn’t done.

Anyway, they each had about 6 jobs after all was said and done.

Skittles Candy - 3lbs. - 24960-3
They got it all finished and were happily watching cartoons by the time I showered and got dressed (and did about 9 million other things, including organizing our food storage).
So, I told them they could bring money to the grocery store.  I sat there for 10 minutes while they valued out each of their options.  They figured out their best buys, and made their purchases, followed by me and what we needed.  I even let them oogle the coin operated machines in teh front and they each made a purchase there.  They were pleased. as. punch.  So, for today I was the mom I want to be.  Work hard, have fun.  Done, check and finished!

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    What kind of mom takes their kids to safeway on a saturday?! I feel very much like I’ve missed out on a summer of fun, and had a summer of trying to get my house into a state of cleanliness that doesn’t exist. You, are superwoman.

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