Just Saved 90% on my Grocery Bill…

and they gave me 6.50 to spend on my next shopping trip!

Safeway has some great General Mills brand savings going on right now!

Simply Fruit Fruit Rollups Varity Pack - 42x0.5 Rolls - 90% Fruit Juice & ReaHere’s how I did it.
Bought 5 granola bars (2 fiber one, 1 nature valley) 1.49 each
Bought 5 fruit snacks (all of the fruit roll-up natural ones, those seem to look healthier, am I wrong?) 0.99 each
Bought 2 boxes of cereal (cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch). 1.79 each
For each set of 4 you buy, you get 4 dollars off your grocery bill — BUT the numbers above reflect that savings already.
If you buy 5 boxes of the granola bars, you get 3.50 on your next order.
And if you buy 5 boxes of fruit snacks, you get 3.00 on your next order.
There are a TON of paper and e-coupons out there to save a ton on these items.  Here’s a post where I talk more about that kind of stuff.  This blog post talks more about it, and lines up some coupons to go with the deal.
I will tell you it took me almost an hour and 15 minutes to get the grocery list together, figuring out what e-coupons and I had what to print… blah, blah, blah. 
BUT, currently I’m playing SAHM and it’s worth the time. 
Two notes, somehow my cereal rang-up as only 79 cents… not sure that happened. 
Also, I only paid 5.13 for all above plus a bag of tortilla chips and 2 things of gogurt.  I got back 6.50 for my next shopping order.
Fo real.

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  1. says

    Totally did the same deal, almost. Only I had to buy 10 items to get 5 dollars off. But they were a bit cheaper to begin with. Also got the $3.50 for the granola bars. We don’t buy fruit snacks, or I would have.

    Fun times.

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