Just Saved 90% on my Grocery Bill…

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and they gave me 6.50 to spend on my next shopping trip!

Safeway has some great General Mills brand savings going on right now!

Simply Fruit Fruit Rollups Varity Pack - 42x0.5 Rolls - 90% Fruit Juice & ReaHere’s how I did it.
Bought 5 granola bars (2 fiber one, 1 nature valley) 1.49 each
Bought 5 fruit snacks (all of the fruit roll-up natural ones, those seem to look healthier, am I wrong?) 0.99 each
Bought 2 boxes of cereal (cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch). 1.79 each
For each set of 4 you buy, you get 4 dollars off your grocery bill — BUT the numbers above reflect that savings already.
If you buy 5 boxes of the granola bars, you get 3.50 on your next order.
And if you buy 5 boxes of fruit snacks, you get 3.00 on your next order.
There are a TON of paper and e-coupons out there to save a ton on these items.  Here’s a post where I talk more about that kind of stuff.  This blog post talks more about it, and lines up some coupons to go with the deal.
I will tell you it took me almost an hour and 15 minutes to get the grocery list together, figuring out what e-coupons and I had what to print… blah, blah, blah. 
BUT, currently I’m playing SAHM and it’s worth the time. 
Two notes, somehow my cereal rang-up as only 79 cents… not sure that happened. 
Also, I only paid 5.13 for all above plus a bag of tortilla chips and 2 things of gogurt.  I got back 6.50 for my next shopping order.
Fo real.

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    Totally did the same deal, almost. Only I had to buy 10 items to get 5 dollars off. But they were a bit cheaper to begin with. Also got the $3.50 for the granola bars. We don’t buy fruit snacks, or I would have.

    Fun times.

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