Mind Organization for Mothers

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Saren from the Power of Moms, gave me a sneek peek before summer started at their Mind Organization for Moms tool.  Of course, it was summer, and nothing got done — no weight watchers, no mind organization, no garage organization… nada.  Oh, I did work a lot, but whatever… work is work. :)

Of course, I think of myself as an excessively organized person but more organization can only help, right?  Or, perhaps just streamline some of my current processes.

So, I’m tackling it now.  I’m gonna go through all that phases/steps and then tell how it changed how I think here on my blog.

Also, if you share the link for it with 30 of your own friends, you can get the whole program free!  I am not going to be getting into the nitty gritty of their systems on this blog, but I will be saying how I adapted it for myself.  I think fall is a time a lot of moms are wanting to roll up their sleeves and perfect the “systems” or “processes” in their own lives.

And if you’re a hoarder, and you’re totally offended by my post below, now’s the time to get a jump on the organization game! :)

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Mind Organization for Moms {MOM}: Step 1
Hoarder vs. Lazy


  1. says

    First off…full feed in my google reader just earned you extra comments. TY!

    And secondly, I have been decluttering and organizing and while it sucks…the results are awesome.

    Now…if I can only keep Troy from taking back what I am trying to get rid of, I might make some real progress!

  2. says

    Just yesterday I decided to de-clutter our bedroom and broke it down into sections (dresser, closet, etc). I always tell myself I just need a system to do things so I’m not flying by the seat of my pants all the time and dealing with the stress of that. Maybe Mind Organization for Moms would help. I’ll look forward to hearuing more about it.

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