MOM Organization: Step 2 Start the Process

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So, inbox set, it’s by the computer.  Do I adore the spot? no… but it works.

I am LOVING IT.  I love how the kids can put all their papers in there for me and I can actually look at them rather than glancing at them and not really caring.

So, with this step, you just start going through everything in your inbox.  Thankfully, mine isn’t that large, because I tend to deal with the paper flow as it comes in, although it tends towards hectic, rather than orderly. :)

You begin at the top, and nothing goes back in the inbox.  Here’s where I fudge a little bit, as my other folders are going in the inbox.  Just because I lack space and for right now, that’s the best idea I can think of.  The beauty of it, though, is that it’s all there and if you have a spare 10 minutes you can take it head on and then go back to what you enjoy doing. :)

Look at the item, is action required?  Well, let’s go through my pile:

1.  Spencer put all the stuff from school in there.  I enjoyed seeing how well he’s writing his numbers, and bam, they went in the recycling bin. :)

2.  I had some stuff from back to school night, that went in the to “file” category (and while I have a “to file” bin in the office, I hope to just go file this so I can keep that pile down to a minimum — although, I do spend a few minutes every Friday filing, and yes — I am serious).

3.  We have a paper about our water barrel.  It’s still here because I can’t decide where to put said water barrel.  Anyone have ideas?  With this paper I performed 2 actions.  The paper goes in a “pending” file and I wrote it on a projects list “water barrel — figure out where and fill”.

4.  I had 2 things from the city about my business.  These were just hanging around because for some reason I’m a little sad that I shut things down.  I finally just marked the box, I just need to stamp it and mail it.  Go me.

5.  I had a referral for C to see an orthodontist.  I don’t want him to have braces, but they said we should just get a consult and see what they say.  Again, it was something I don’t want to do — so instead I just hold onto a paper forever.  It too goes in a “pending” file and onto the projects list “make ortho appt. for C”).

Now, here’s where I probably differ a bit from them.  In my head I thought to myself that those items aren’t particularly pressing.  If I really wanted them done, I’d add them to the to do list on my phone.  However, things I want to get done “sometime in the future” can go on that projects list that will help me to just think about them for a future date.  Again, nothing pressing.

*MOM is mind organization for moms.  If you’re interested in the system, you can find out more info here.

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