Netflix, I heart you

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I just updated my Netflix cue.  I’m telling you, I love that place.  I’m really starting to think about getting rid of cable.  I’m not sure I could do it til’ P is in preschool… but I really enjoy movies and what they have to offer.  I’m also slowly realizing that it’s OK to watch 1/2 on one night, and 1/2 the next (early bedtimes are a killer for movies).
My cue is fairly eclectic.  Drew and I actually have our movies split.  He has one out all the time, and I have one out all the time (did you know you can do that?  LOVE it!).  Mine is about 1/4 stuff for me, 1/4 stuff for the kids, and 1/2 workout DVD’s (check this week’s workout du jour on my Losing with Lovers blog… it’s an amusing one, especially for people who’ve done FIRM workouts before).  I REALLY like trying new workout DVD’s without having to buy.
So, what have you watched lately that you love?

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    You can totally get rid of cable. Do you have a disc for your Wii? We get so many tv shows on demand that we have been spoiled (since we haven’t had cable for 4 years now). There are plenty of shows for the kids too. PBS, Disney and Nickelodeon all have stuff on the on demand.

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    I think netflix is taking over the market. I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I tried to today and lasted 10 minutes before I went to my netflix on the wii. Brandon and I have liked watching the series friday night lights together. And I’ve just started watching john and kate plus 8. I already did 21 jump street. But I had no idea they had workout DVDs…thanks for the tip! We’ve never had cable so netflix is actually an upgrade. Dump the cable-

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