Photos Friday: Scary, Garden

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I realized on Wednesday of this week that I had no photos, and that just won’t do, especially with my new lightroom.  I am still in love btw, so great.

Well, the garden gave me some opportunities:

First off our Japanese Cucumber, I call this one our pretzel cucumber.  Funny that the only 2 cucumbers we have growing have chosen to come right together.  I hope that’s the only way I’ll ever have twins. :)
Our tomato bushes have gone crazy, much to the delight of our friends and teachers.  We have 6 tomato bushes, and most of them are cherry tomatoes.  That isn’t so great as it’s hard to can cherry tomatoes.. 
Our garlic matured this week too.  Here they are in my “bulb bucket’ all drying out, along with some onion friends.  I love having fresh onions and garlic!
Eww, eww, eww… I found this guy in our compost bin the other day, and you should all be amazed I’m still alive to type about it.  Bugs are NOT my thing.  I hate them, they are vile and this one is super big and green.  Eww, eww, eww!
And of course, what photo Friday wouldn’t be complete without a photo of my sweet P.  I had to snap this one quickly as she’s deathly afraid of Piglet jumping like Tigger.  Who knew?  Anyway, I played around with my lightroom for a while on this one.  Her shirt is really noisy in the original (because I had to lighten it a lot) and in this one I smoothed it all out, but she kind of looks plasticy.  Again, still working out my kinks (but enjoying it!)
Here’s to my new Lightroom, and a great weekend!

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  1. says

    I’m having garden envy.
    We have tomato plants growing in pots, but it’s not the same. My cherries aren’t doing so well yet…i love me some cherry toms!

  2. says

    Um, you crack me up. You clever-writer you. And I’m quite jealous of your garden. Mine is dead/frozen in time–seriously. No noticeable growth for the last month or so. Stinkin planter boxes . . .

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