The Power of a Mom

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My friend Saren has a great new website, you might have seen my link there on the right:  The Power of Moms.

There’s something about reading other mom’s blogs, realizing what they’re going through and how I’ve gone through it and so often they say something that helps me.

The power of moms puts that all into one place.  I’ve started reading their entries daily, and as soon as my life settles a bit, I think I want to play the Bloom Game.  Anyone else want in on that?  Maybe after Labor Day, huh?

Either way, go check it out.  There’s no way to lose if it turns you into a better mom, right?

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  1. says

    I am also really helped to hear others going through the same things with their kids and with their feelings about being a woman and a mother.

    I saw a little about the Bloom Game on an earlier visit and I want to learn more. Though last time I committed to doing something with friends I did 30 days of Jillian and am now signed up for a triathlon. 😉

    So maybe. I’ll even make a goal to be more committal. Later. Right after I complete my stop procrastinating goal.

  2. says

    I’m interested in the Bloom Game too. But not the Blame Game, which is what I originally typed.
    Have you seen what any of the goals are?
    After Labor Day works for me.

  3. says

    I love that website. Haven’t been there lately.

    Loved your last posts to, about the perfect brightness of hope. Lots of food for thought there for me. Who feels like she doesn’t have much time to think. . Or hope. :)

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