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Cooking Light (1-year auto-renewal)I love this magazine.  I really do.  I get a lot of magazines, mostly at crazy low discount prices but I actually just renewed with these guys at a fairly full priced rate (I’ve looked all year for a discount rate with no avail).  FYI, I think I got it started for like 2 bucks.  Sweet!  Anyway, I love it.
Not only do they have great recipes but they also have health tips and fashion ideas.  It’s like everything I’ve ever wanted in a magazine.
This month’s edition happens to have a nice section on pressure cooking and of course, with all my Facebook fury over a new pressure cooker, people were calling me with that news… and yet, mine hadn’t come!  I was starting to freak out a bit, wondering if my subscription was out (I only renewed this morning) and the lady was nice enough to send out another copy, in case mine got lost.  Of course, like 3 days later, mine came — and then yesterday the one she sent came.

So, I have two copies.

And I love the magazine, so I thought I’d promote it a bit on the ol’ blog. 

SO, Comments through Wednesday at midnight will be accepted.  I’ll do a drawing on Thursday AM for the lucky winner!  And, if you dont’ win, I highly recommend getting it!

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