School: Are You New At This?

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Uh, that first day.  Sitting alone in the cafeteria, listening to lots of parents ask stupid questions… having oodles of thoughts al la high school wondering who could be my friend, who looked like they knew what they were doing, who even spoke my language?

And then I found her.  The woman who looked to know what she was doing… so I pretty well just did everything she did.  Turns out, she really did know what she was doing and was a great role model.  Those first few weeks at school can be a doozy, and now that I have a fifth grader I feel as though I can speak as a pro.

1.  Join PTA (or whatever your parent organization is).  Besides being a great cause, it’s a good way to meet other moms, who may possibly be the moms of your kids friends so you can see if they’re playdate material or not. 

2. Pick-up, drop-off.  Put-in some face time.  I will tell you I met 4 moms my first year in Kindergarten.  They’re still rock stars.  The moms who provide face time run the school.  They are also often there to pick your kid up when you’re late (and vice versa).

3.  Be there for favors.  Once you’ve gotten to know a few of the moms, let them know if they’re ever running late, you’d be fine if they call you.  Even though (cross your fingers) they may never call it’s always nice to know someone has your back.

4.  Go to any other meetings.  In the fine state of CA they have school site council, which is actually what I attend instead of PTA (Tuesday nights don’t work for us, in general).  In this meeting they discuss budget issues, goals of the school, and since there aren’t usually a ton of parents who go, you get some face time with the pricipal.  Score.

5.  Help in the classroom, and talk to the teacher.  I can truly say that each of our teachers has been a friend by the end of the year.  Every teacher needs help.  Every teacher wants a friendly smiling face.  YOU want your kid in the right classroom next year, so pony up chick. :)

It CAN be intimidating those first few weeks, but look for people who know what they’re doing.  They usually do, and they always want help. :)

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