Summer Goals: Child #2

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My goal for S was to be more independent.  And man, was this a toughie.  We’re all just used to helping him out.  I think it was extra hard on Drew, as having him do something himself is WAY more harder then just helping him with it.

I tried to extend it to all areas in his life.  Lessons, chores, wii, computer time.

Did I mention that Spencer didn’t talk until Conner left for Kindergarten?  Let’s just say that when someone sees him struggling, he just does it for him… isn’t that helpful?  Just this morning at Spencer’s typing computer game, I saw Conner doing it for him… HELLO, the idea is to LEARN TYPING, not to LEARN HOW TO GET US TO TYPE FOR HIM!!!!

Neeldess to say, it was a struggle for all of us and it’s been fairly successful.  We’re working hard on having him “talk like a big boy” (and any of you who know Spencer — knows what I’m talking about). 

I know this one is going to take time, but welcome to the big leagues little guy.  It’s first grade time now!

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    I would ‘help’ people on the ‘Type to Learn’ typing game we did at school when they had a part they couldn’t do themselves. Definitely missed the point. I also remember my siblings and I ‘helping’ one of my younger sisters do the hard parts on Legend of Zelda so she beat the game when she was like 5 but not of her own accord.

    My 3 year old talks all the time like my 21 month old – mostly one or two words said loudly and matter of fact-ly. I make him talk in a normal voice and full sentences before I consider his requests. I am starting to ask him to pick up after himself more and do more things on his own. There are definitely days that I wish this wasn’t a battle I had chosen to fight.

    I go back and forth between making things easier for him to do himself and wanting to keep tabs on (aka control) things that are going on. If I put the bubbles up high then I will always know when he is using them and remind him of the rules and make sure they get put away. But then there is the commitment of time on my part. Sometimes I get annoyed that I have to go get something down for him and want to just say – do it yourself! when I have specifically prevented him from doing so. And the balance between allowing access to the 3 year old but not the 21 month old (think toilet and toilet paper and handwashing soap).

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