There Just Isn’t Enough Love Out There

This morning I was hit in the face with 20 posts on Facebook about the Mormon Bishop shot in Visalia, CA.  What a sad, sad story, but on the MSNBC story there were plenty of people saying the guy deserved it.  He was the FATHER of SIX, including a SIX MONTH OLD.  Do we live in a country where that type of talk is OK?  So what if you were pro prop 8.  Is it honestly worth enough for you to kill someone over?  It’s definately not for me!

I’m just tired of separatists who think that one group is lesser.  I’m tired of the black saying that Glen Beck can’t hold a rally on the mall because it’s the same day Martin Luther gave his speech (I’m also disgusted at myself for putting up for Glen Beck, eww.).

I’m tired of things like the congressional black caucus.  I mean, if we had a congressional white caucus there’d be warheads… but when we separate out the blacks by their own choice, that’s OK?

Really, is it?

What ever happened to equality?  Martn Luther wanted EQUALITY.  He didn’t want black rights, he wanted blacks, latinos, asians, cathlics, jews.  EQUALITY.  I think we forget that.

Plenty of people think it’s AOK to make a Mormon joke.  It’s true, we’re not gonna come back at you, there will be no retalliation for this sick instance of violence.  We’re taught to ignore the negative and love the person.

Charity never faileth.  It’s true, but it sure is hard when portions of people around you thinks the exact opposite.  On the other side of the quarter, there were a lot of very nice posts on msnbc about how nice Mormons are and how sad it was.  It just takes one bad apple…

** Sidenote, bishops in the LDS church serve entirely voluntarily.  They aren’t paid clergy, and almost all of them (unless retired) have jobs outside the church as well.

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    This one hit a little too close to home. Paul is from Tulare-next door to Visalia. Paul’s mom knows the bishops wife, my SIL teaches at the kids school…etc, etc. So heartbreaking!

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