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Mom Organizaion:  Ladies, (and the 3 men that read my blog) I have an inbox.  I find it quite empowering, actually.  SO nice to have a place for all those papers that don’t have to be done RIGHT now, but need to be done.  KWIM?  Excited to move onto step 2.  I see that as an afternoon job. :)

Bohn ButtSaver - MediumTailbone: I have actually gone against Kaiser’s better judgement (or, shall we say lack of judgement) and I am seeing a chiropractor.  Thankfully, he’s a good friend’s husband because I HATE going to the chiropractor.  He finds that this is all related with my extreme planta facitis… we’re working it all out, and I think I do see some progress.  Slow and steady, better then steady and mean, which is how I would term my relationship with my previous physical therapist.

School:  I really feel SO blessed to have the teachers we have.  Everyone seems so perfect for each kid.  I was driving home on the first week and just felt so humbled by all the blessings I have in my life.  They are two big ones.  You never know how the whole teacher thing will work out.  This one’s a complete winner!

Friends:  Newsflash, I still have friends.  Amazing ones.  I think I have friend storage.  You know, in case someone gets away I’ll still have a few to keep me happy.

And happy I am.  Until the guy comes to value our house.  He makes me nervous…. stupid refi.

Oh, and for dinner we’re having lamb chops, steamed broccoli (ala pressure cooker), and pita bread with hummus.  Fo. real.

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