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The summer is through.  Drew’s directing the marching  band as I speak (or, someone else is and he’s cleaning his office).  Transitions aren’t my most favorite thing in life.  It’s hard to go full time work (OK, part time work, but a lot more then I USUALLY work) to full time mom in the blink of an eye.  I think that has a little something to do with my extra-moody-ness on the blog as of late.

It’s hard to face all this housework that I normally do that kind of gets pushed aside all summer.  I would name all of it… but let’s just say that Drew and I have different priorities… crumbs are mine.  Surviving is his. :)

I’m sure it’s hard on the kids too.  I’m strict on the schedule and making sure that they’re on task. 

BUT, even with all that we had an amazing time this summer.  I really enjoyed having Drew home and the fun things we got to do together.  We made our financial goals, we had a good time and I am reminded that Conner’s summers are slowly going to start filling up and not with visits to Utah…

Aren’t summers an amazing thing?  I must admit I do love that Drew has them off.  I love that he got a giant big gulp taste of the things I do all school year (although, for those of you SO jealous over that, realize that he only does so much — I still pick up a LOT of slack, including cooking dinner on most nights).  I love the free time to do whatever we fancy.  We are truly blessed with that.

We have one week left, I’m bound and determined to make it a goodie!  What are you going to try to stash into your last few days of summer?

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  1. says

    Wallpaper stripping.

    And the beach. :)

    We have 4 weeks left. But only about 2 until Joel’s back in the office full time. I love having him here in the summer.

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