Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Helpmeet

I was reading some Mormon Mommy Blogs today and came across this one about how you can help your husband (from the title you think it might be something else, especially if that was someone from work's blog... but I digress....).

Anyway, she says are you the woman specifically created to help your husband.  We learn from the scriptures that women were made to be an helpmeet for their husbands, and they are made to be an helpmeet for us.  Now, you notice it's helpmeet, not just to help with meat. :)

Anyway, I think I FAR too often look and see how he's helpin' meet my needs.  Is he helping with the kids, with dinner, with rubbing my feet {if this was one of the criteria he'd fail, btw}.  However, my husband has a pretty stressful job this time of year, and it's being made worse with a big trip they're hoping to go on.  The guy is fairly stretched right now.

So, how will I help meet his needs.  How can I create myself specifically to help him?  Hopefully he's thinking the same thing on the other side, and that isn't to say that I'm not still going to scream, "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AROUND HERE."  But I think the binoculars need to go back onto myself.

What will YOU change in yourself to be the woman specifically created to help him?


  1. "How can I create myself specifically to help him? "
    I love this. I don't have any answers, but you've got me thinking today.

  2. It's true. It's part of service. And you know I've been a little bit of a brat regarding what he does vs. what I do.

    Thanks for this.

  3. Actually I have really been working hard on this.

    I have tried to find those things that are really meaningful to him and do them a little more.

    It helped to read the love languages book so that I know that his biggest love language is service.

    Now, as I do things for him...I try to remember that I am showing him love in the way that he receives it.

    It makes it more meaningful for both of us.


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