Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Post You've All Waited For -- Sister Wives

Is it just me, or do they all look alike... funny thing,
new wife has dark hair.  Go figure. :)
 Last night I viewed my first episode of Sister Wives.


It's must see TV.  The sad news is that it's on the same night as Desperate Housewives... I mean, which trashy show do I watch first?  Quite a decision to be made.  But, here's my thoughts:

1.  OK, Utah.  Tank tops over sweaters -- it's just not good fashion.  Frankly, my personal opinion is that a tank top over anything isn't particularly good fashion, but this woman had a sweater with a spaghetti strap tank top over it.  STOP IT.  Honestly, that is the main thing that bothered me for much of the program.  Judge me, it's fine.  It's not even because she's polyg.  It's Utah fashion.  STOP.  STOP IT NOW.  I was also amused by all the shade shirts in this show.  I hope they're sponsoring it. :)

2.  This show is blowing the lid off the perks of polygamy.  I think most women think of it an awful state... as do I.  But seriously, aren't there a few million times a year that you couldn't use an extra wife around your house?  There are plenty of times I could use a wife of my own to take care of ever little thing for me.  Couldn't you?  They're pretty open about the sisterhood and how they really have to work on each others relationships as well as theirs  with their husband.  Honestly, I think the Mormon church has learned how to get a lot of the perks of polygamy without the icki-ness of sharing a husband.  Way to go Mormons (btw, these people are members of the fundamentalist LDS church.... it is in no way affiliated with our church).

3.  Eh, the dad dating a new wife.  Ewww.... I mean, these people have been living like this for 16 years.  It will be REALLY interesting to see how this whole thing is dealt with.

4.  Wife #3 Janelle did not grow-up polygamous, but did live in UT.  She said she had no idea polygamy existed.  Hence, I no longer believe a word that comes out of Janelle's mouth.  I always saw the polygs at Sams Club, Kmart, etc.  (ok, upon further eval it just says she grew-up LDS... still, unbelievable.)  Suspicious?  Yes.

5.  I just saw that Bigomy charges are being considered against the husband.  Honestly, these are 3 consenting adults.  It doesn't appear they are living off welfare, and all were well above the legal age before they got married.  I'm not sure what they can charge him with?  I mean, wouldn't they have to charge every man who has had an affair and conceived a child?  At least this guy's supporting them (and not making me do it).

6.  While googling for a link to the bigomy charges, I Found that Perez Hilton is creeped out by this.  PEREZ HILTON IS CREEPED OUT BY THIS.  Is anyone else finding this amusing.  Guess what, I find it awful too.  I don't think it's a healthy environment for the women or the children.  BUT, if you're going to promote a lifestyles where women marry women and men marry men then you by jove better be fine with this... because this is where it is going.  These kids look normal and healthy and if you asked the wives they'd say it's fine.  And while we're at it, Perez creeps me out.  There, I said it.

7.  On an entirely different topic I had forgotten that my mom had once been asked to be a second wife when she was in college.  Seriously.  Not kidding.  How hick do I sound now?  Well, I don't wear tank tops over my sweaters.

I'm interested to see where it goes from here.  IT does make me really uncomfortable to know that there are women out there OK with this.  I feel sorry for them, and I hope that they are truly happy.  I also believe that there's a whole lot more to life then sex, and maybe those other parts of their lives make up for it.  Either way, it's not for me but I'm happy to peek in their windows. :)

Here's a clip for those of you dying to watch it now:

In other news, I've made a decision I can no longer watch Kate Plus 8. Any woman wearing realy low cut tank tops with mini skirts isn't actually parenting 8 children. I don't need to watch parents not doing their job. My husband's a teacher and we attend public school, I see plenty of that. :)


  1. Oh my goodness!:) Love it! Love it! Love it! I watched it too and was surprised to see so many on facebook express so much anger towards the show. I mean, yeah, I don't agree with what they are doing, but one cannot deny how interesting the show is.

    Okay your number six had me rolling! So spot on, you are! :)

  2. I've been trying to figure out the bigamy charge as well- I mean, trying to figure out what it is that makes it illegal. I can see marrying one woman and then having a secret family on the side that she doesn't know about being illegal, but like you said, I'm not sure how having multiple wives is much different than parenting children with multiple partners over the course of things. Except that the polygs are all trying to live together as a family. I don't know.

  3. Totally watched this too...so intriguing!

  4. So bizarre!

    And what is up with Kate?? Tank top with a cutout in the back? Why is she showing so much skin? Who dresses that way - with or without kids?

    Ditto on the bad parenting examples.

  5. Oh Hilary. I just love coming here! You crack me up I am most happy about the fact that you choose your reality TV based on fashion!
    Now, there aren't many publicized polygamists around here but if you'd like to see some hillbilly fashions, maybe I can smuggle my camera into Walmart. You'd love it!!

  6. Loved the 1st show! can't wait to see how the brunette is going to fit into this equation with her already having kids.

  7. tank over the sweater. yikes.
    Still on my DVR, want to watch it.

    Kate plus 8 just got nixed on my list too. Ick. Use to love that show-she's just so vain now and her huge wedge shoes & mini skirts while bussing the kids around are ridiculous.

  8. I meant to DVR that. Your ideas on it seem much more inline with what I think. I'm surprised at the vitriolic reactions of some people.

    I watched one episode of Kate plus 8, I just can't relate anymore (although I wish I could relate to her new and improved figure!)


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