Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Guess who's not going to work today.  I talked to employee health and they told me that unless I can get a doctor's note saying he will allow me to do frequent and vigorous hand washing I'm out of a job until I can.


I must admit I don't feel QUITE as much like a slave after this. 

I also think that the words frequent and vigorous can't be applied to anything using my finger.

Of course, after it happened came the "WHY MEE's" (esp, as they put a stitch into my fingernail, which hurt worse then a kidney stone, fyi).  But, it is interesting that everything in life has a purpose.  This could be to help me realize to be safer, how much health can mean to a person, remind my family how much I do... maybe a little time off work.

I do so love money though.

It's a problem.

It is interesting how life has a purpose, and sometimes we don't find that out until we're just to it or passed it.  What's your purpose today?


  1. i slammed my finger in a car door at work and they payed for me to get my fingernail ripped off and the nailbed stitched back together. even with the numbing i cried like a baby it hurt so bad. i feel your pain sistuh

  2. Wow.
    Sorry about that.
    But at least the Fall TV lineup has begun!

  3. Ouch! That makes my fingernail hurt just thinking about it.

    ...I don't think I have a purpose today.


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