Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, I found a way to not be a slave....

Today while working on our FHE treat I cut myself really badly.  So bad I was screaming for Conner to call Drew and we made a quick trip to the ER.
Here I am 4 stitches later....

Finger is still numb, which is starting to creep me out... it's been at least 6 hours!

Doesn't hurt though, which is good because they had to stitch through my fingernail.

Nose is itching because I took a tylenol with codiene and somehow during my kidney stone drama I developed this weird side effect to narcotics.  Dang you stones.

Finger is splinted and blog posts may be sparse....

Hoping to sleep instead of itch soon... 4 benedryl on board right now.  Kinda loopy (and still itchy).

Anyway, maybe I prefer being a slave....


  1. egads hill. hope you're okay.

  2. Oh Hil, so sorry. I hope it heals quickly.

  3. OH NO! What drama!

  4. Wow, you go all out eh? I'm glad you got to the ER. Let me know if you need to dictate your blog posts; I'm happy to help! :)
    Seriously, hope it heals fast.

  5. Pictures would have been good with this post:) But seriously I hope you're okay!

  6. Hopefully a much deserved break is coming your way. Sorry to hear it happened like this.

  7. Mikell8:02 PM

    ouch!!! hope it feels better


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