Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I've Learned

Besides that it's really hard to type sans index finger.

Also, lacerations REALLY hurt.  For instance, right now.

The sad news, I had to get right back in the saddle today.  Made all 3 meals, some even involving a knife.

The reaction of my friends has been interesting.  They all get it.  Mom gets busy, making dinner dealing with 3 kids, accidents happen.  FAR too often in the kitchen I have close calls.  A knife falls near bare feet, I scrape when I should unplug first, I get burned.

So, this short blog entry is a PSA for YOU to be more careful in the kitchen.  A lot of us use powerful tools and ones that can hurt us.  Yesterday's mishap could have been a LOT worse, but it wasn't, and for that I'm really glad.

So, next time, maybe you either need to find a simpler recipe or you need to have some time to yourself for safety's sake.

And there, I'm off my soap box to go elevate my finger.  Did I mention it hurts.  Still weighing nose itching vs pain.

ALSO, I have a review up of CSN stores on my review blog.  Link on the right also.  One word for the future, people.  Giveaway.

1 comment:

  1. :(

    This is why I don't cook. Less danger. But thank you for the warnings.


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