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Bts sale 2015 long skinny

The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store GuideToday I went to the thrift store.  The weather has finally changed around here and I pawed through my winter-y (nothing’s REALLY wintery here…) shirts and realized they are ALL XL.  Including all my sweaters.  I am now totally a medium, at least in most things.  While some of them look OK, some of them do not… it looks like I have cancer, or I’m wearing my big sister’s clothes.
So, off to Savers I went.  Problem is, Savers often lumps the junior clothes in with the regular clothes so you do kind of have to have an idea of what your body shape is while you’re looking.  Problem, I haven’t a clue.  I was just SURE these shirts, etc weren’t going to fit… but I just threw them in the cart.  Most of them did, which was a very happy thing.  Jackets could button, and it was an exciting day.  P was even squealing with delight… but that might be because of the goldfish I gave her.

Also, I just don’t know how to dress now.  For SO long I’ve been trying to hide my belly (don’t get me wrong, I still am). I haven’t tucked anything in for AGES and I just don’t really know how to “do” it.  Anyone want to come thrift shopping with me?  I just need to know what looks good on my new body.  Not that this body (hopefully) is sticking around forever… but I need something to wear now.  I do like feeling good in my clothes, and hopefully thanks to Savers (and a few 30% off items at Kohls) I can do just that.

Do you always shop with friends?  Do you want to shop with me?  Sadly, I can’t fly any of you in.  I need all the money I have to re-fit my wardrobe. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I could shop with you any time. I’ll help you get out of your box and find some stuff. As for the tucking, it’s an art I have never really mastered. I just feel like shirts do better left outside the waistband for me.

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