Being a Lady: Purse Style

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Bts sale 2015 long skinny

So, I know when I was looking for a diaper bag a lot of people were like, (?) — meaning, that my diaper bags were entirely utilitarian.  And that, my friends is the kind of gal I am.  99% of the time that diaper bag is getting hauled to the grocery store or to the playground or school.  I am not about glam, I’m about getting the things I need quickly, at a reasonable cost.

But then, there’s the other side of me.  Drew and I try to do date night twice a month, and I try to do a girls night once a month on top of that… and I need something for that.  I have two slouchy purses that weren’t doing the job.  I’d see all these cute purses around me and long for something that cute.  But, I knew that I just couldn’t go buy a lime green purse just to have.  That wasn’t in the cards.  I needed something that could go with a lot of things, even though I really like green… I just. couldn’t. do it.  Spend 50 bucks on a purse that wouldn’t match everything?  Seriously… does that seem like me?

And then my not-cousin had a great idea to have a Miche party… and I fell in love.  I guess they’re based in UT so I’m sure a lot of my UT readers are already well aware of them.  But, basically it’s a purse that’s got these shells that you can switch out.  At the party, I bought the purse and 5 shells (it was about 120 for all of that, shipped to me).

And here the ladies are (all of their shells have ladies names… and yes, there is a Hilary)

Denise {waiving to the real Denise} — it’s denim with an “ostrich” top.
Brittany, I think — I Also think she’s retiring.  She’s grey and black.

Scarlett — she’s a nice deep red
I can’t remember her name… but she’s “mustard yellow”…
I thought I didn’t like mustard, till I put her on a shell — again, the fun colors without having to be tied down.

I can’t remember this one’s name either.  But she’s a brown tweed.  Fancy.

Anyway, I really like them.  I looked all over the Internet for an unbiased opinion of them.  It seems really well made, and there’s enough room inside for the things I need when just I am going out.  They have a larger bag — but until either P’s a little older, or I become independently wealthy I’m gonna hold off on that one.  All of my shells stay on really well (and I really yanked on them to see if they’d fall off — they’re held onto the purse with “earth magnets”).  Anyway, if you guys are interested I can do a hook up, or I might even throw a party if there’s enough interest… which is saying something since I HATE throwing parties.  I just like not having to change over all the stuff from my purse every time I change my outfit.  Now I can just change the outsides. :)  Here’s a youtube video that explains them a little bit better.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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