An Edit about my church bag

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On my post below I should’ve put my post-nursery church bag philosophy.

My kids each have their own bags.  Spencer’s is pretty small, and Conner just has a scripture bag (with a small pad of paper and a pencil in it).

P will have a moderately large bag probably til’ she’s about 2 and then it will get a bit smaller, and smaller…  She will take her own things into church (possibly with a little help for the first few months) but it will be her bag, it can not be opened until after the sacrament, but she can look at the friend or a “church” book before that.  I am on the fence about treats.  She often doesn’t eat too great of a breakfast on Sunday mornings.  I am guessing I will bring a very small bag of either cereal or fruit snacks and a sippy cup.

This bag then heads out to the car after Sacrament meeting so I don’t have to lug it around. :)

My good friend Lara has really taught me that after the little one goes to nursery, less is more.  I’ve tried it, and I agree.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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