Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Falacy of McDonalds

McDonald's: Behind The ArchesI was on the playground the other day when the women were talking about HOW MUCH CHEAPER it was to just eat at McDonalds.  Honestly, when ever we've eaten at Mc-E-dee's (which isn't often) I'm always surprised at how much it is!  Kids meals are what... 3.99?  Maybe just 2.99... so if I bought them EACH one (which I wouldn't) that's at least 9 bucks right there.  Plus, the adult combos are around 5, right?  So that's 19 bucks.  Of course, I don't drink soda and I'm sure that anything I could find on their menu to eat would be more than 5 bucks... and let's not forget their delicious sundaes (my favorite thing there).

Anyway, I have made a mind shift in how I grocery shop.

The Vegetables We EatWe have a new whole-foods-ish store that came close to where I live.  They have A-mazing sales on produce and they have a nice bulk isle that I am enjoying.  I really like it there.  I shop there every other week (because their sales extend Wednesday to Wednesday so I can shop every other week and still get both sales).  I came out today just 38 dollars poorer.  I have a TON of produce, and I also have some salmon, shrimp, fresh mozzarella, and some sliced baguette bread to make bruschetta with (thanks Angie, I've been craving it ever since Saturday!).  Anyway, I will probably spend another 20 or so at the grocery store.  Just supplementing with things that are in their ad.  Next week I'll probably spend about 40 at the grocery store.  That brings our average grocery totals to around 50 bucks/week.  We are eating fresh fruits and vegetables at almost every meal (I should mention I am supplementing a bit from our garden, mostly tomatoes but I did just get some carrots).  I am even eating organic every now and then.  I'm including fish and legumes.  I think we are headed in the right direction at this house.  I should mention I also have a 150 Costco budget that helps supplement the grocery budget, but a fair amount of that is diapers, paper products, ink for our printer etc.  but I always buy cheese, butter, tortillas, milk, eggs and a few other items there.  Add that to my totals and I'm still going about 80 bucks/week for groceries.

And it's WAY cheaper than eating at McDonald's.  I saw these people who only had 10 dollars to eat go to the grocery store and say it just wasn't possible, so they went to McDonald's instead.  Those people are stupid.  Get some ground beef, some tomatoes and some hamburger buns and call it sloppy Joe's-- at least you'd be getting tomatoes in your diet!  You're saying it's cheaper because you are lazy.  It IS easier.  I'm not going to disagree with you there.  Easier til' you're spending 3 hours in the bathroom, or headed to the doctor because you're sick.

Anyway, just my "beef" for the day.  Also, thanks to when we eat out it's rarely for more than 30 dollars (unless it's a splurge, and we do allow those every now and then).  They even added some new restaurants in our area, if anyone wants to know the ones that are on there that we eat at routinely I'd be happy to give you a list. :)


  1. Wow, that store sounds awesome!!! I hope it comes to Utah next:-) And good for you for!

  2. Agree. We just forked out 24 bucks for a quick after soccer dinner last week. We were super irritated.

    By the way, I responded to your comment on my blog. Wasn't being rude (writing is always open to interpretation), but I didn't get what you were saying.

  3. Seriously, even if you DON'T coupon or shop the sales, I don't think it's remotely cheaper to eat at McD's. When we go (which isn't often) we can easily spend upwards of 20 dollars for a meal. Often closer to 30. Times that by 3 meals a day and 7 days a week and that's a good $420 at least.

    Definitely not cheaper.

  4. Now you could argue that it is cheaper to eat at McDonalds than Chili's, but pizza or Chinese food are cheaper still.

    I've never heard anyone claim it is cheaper than the grocery store. In what universe? It costs me $40+ ($50+ if husband is there) to get a meal there and that would be 1/5 of my entire weekly grocery budget (which is itself bigger than it needs to be) for ONE meal.

  5. What store is that? I must know!

  6. Sounds like you got a Sunflower there...I agree, it is easier and if you just do hamburgers at McD's it may be inexpensive but I think cooking at home can compare easily!!


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