Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Star Meals as of Late

So, there have been a few that our family has adored lately.
Sauteed Chicken with Tonnato Sauce (really, it sounds SO gross when you read it, but I really like it and it is LOADED with protein)
Quinoa and Shrimp -- SO good, one of my very favorite dishes now.  I love the raisins in it.  DElish.  Also, I usually use cilantro instead of parsley, just because that's what I have on hand.
Korean Meatballs -- Everyone adored this, especially Drew since he went on his mission to Korea.  Next time I think I'll just drop the meatballs in the pan with my cookie scoop.
Tuscan baked chicken -- I ended-up just using chicken thighs intead of a whole chicken and they were previously skinned so that just eased the prep a bit.  I may have used 4 slices of bacon.  Mmmm... bacon....
Apple Nachos -- I would NOT (I repeat, NOT) do the marshmallow next time but it's a great way to get the taste of carmel apples without having to dip the darn things.  IT's also delicious when the chicolate chips melt into the caramel.  Mmmm.....
Golden Corn Salad with Fresh Basil and Arugula SO, SO, SO, SO good.  Twenty stars, if I had them to give.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Really, go make it.  Well, make it on a warmer day -- it is a salad, after all.

Happy cooking!

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