Me and Reality TV

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My favorite genre is biography.  I just love to learn what REALLY happens in other people’s lives and as I look at my life I sure do love me some reality TV.  Here’s my top 5 fav’s.

1.  Project Runway — I love the interaction, but I REALLY love to see how the fabric all comes together and how they come up with new ideas.  Brings out the halloween in me. :)  I wish I could sew that well!

2.  Sister Wives — I think I just like seeing how they made this decision and live with it.  I’m sure I’ve talked enough about this.

3.  Teen Mom — I have LOVED it this year.  Catelynn and Tyler and their adopted baby just got me EVERY. TIME.  I am so impressed by them and what great young people they are coming from such a ROTTEN home.  It gives me hope for the future.  Also, I know a lot of people have been bitter that these girls have gotten so much attention, but I’m glad they have.  That show does not make ANYONE want to have a baby.  These girls are very real with how hard it is, and how they wish they could take back that night of passion.  It’s got to have been hard for all of them, and I’m proud of them.  I also like to see what happens to this babies having babies once the baby’s out.  I also love 16 and pregnant.  Call me crazy, I love me some preggers. :)

4.  Quints by surprise — this mom loves being a mom.  I enjoy seeing how she deals with her crazy life.  I only have 3 kids and I can learn a lot from this woman.  I also like 19 Kids and Counting.  Moms holding it together with grace.  I enjoy that.

5.  Biggest Loser.  This show has just reeled me in this year.  Until the guy told us that he works out 5 hours/day even AFTER he left the ranch.  That made me realize why I have a one pound a week weight loss, and he has lost 120 in like 4 months.  I love it though, it inspires me to keep it up and how important a battle it is to keep going.

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    The Amazing Race is by far my favorite reality TV. I do have a hidden fascination with the Real Housewives shows, but only watch them once in a great while because the show also horrify me.

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