Photo Friday: Homemade

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It looks like I’m Suzy homemaker in this week’s photo Friday, let’s take a look. :)

First off, my delicious General Conference cinnamon rolls.  I wish it was every week.  My thighs (which are no longer rubbing together, in case you were wondering) disagree.  They were lovely though.  Making me look forward to April already.  Here they are rising (so you can see that I didn’t just go buy them, I even used 1/2 fresh ground flour, baby!)

And, as if an example of the atonement, they have risen — and here they are in their full glory.  See, there’s a religious lesson in all things, people.  The icing is the friendships we make here on earth.  And don’t forget it.

And while the rest of us downed ours like a pack of wolves after Edward, Miss P still had a bit on her plate for me to photograph.  Love my dainty little P.

Here we see my other conference activity — our Halloween costumes.  It’s all blurry just to keep you from REALLY getting a hint.  And just in case you have a guess, keep it to yourself, we don’t want to spoil it for everyone, now do we.  NO. CALLING. OUT.  I also wanted to show that I get my kids involved. They stuffed a few things this weekend and LOVED it.  Probably too much.

Did a little harvesting this week.  These are our onions.  BTW, onions are one of my very most favorite things to plant.  I really enjoy having them in my yard all the time and not having to buy them.  Here, they seem to grow year round and when I pull out some, I just replant with seeds.  I also do that with garlic, I think I mentioned that before.  Anyway, great plants and easy to take care of, not to mention all the great anti vampire qualities, or werewolves, or what does onion do? 
And some carrots.  They’re cute and stubby, just like me. :)

I think I’m going to use them in my carrot yogurt slaw.

So, that’s our week.  I know you’re pretty distraught with no finger picture, but it is pretty ugly still.  Maybe once it’s healed.  In like 12 years.

But in other news, guess who’s working today.  I REALLY need to get OUT of this house and do some good in the world.  I hope the world does some good for me!  Hope everyone has a great week {high fives all around} Go team!

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    I have tried for years to grow onions and can’t seem to do so. I would love it for I hate buying them when I can spaghetti. The rest of the year I usually use dried.

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