In the Haunted HouseLast night at our school carnival, some of us were talking about haunted houses and how sometimes they can be fun, or super scary.
One of the moms said there used to be a REALLY scary one here.  She said she went when she was almost 20 and she came out crying she was so scared.
I, personally, helped out with the Utah State Mental Hospital Haunted House.  Man, that one isn’t really that scary, except for the mental fact that MENTAL people are in it.  They have really great makeup artists so you have no idea who’s mental or who’s a college student helping out.  I sure did get to tease some kids, good times.  I loved how the guys would almost always shove their date in front of them.  Classy guys.

Bytheway, they eliminated that haunted house because they felt it was exploiting the patients.  The patients were DEVASTATED.  It was an early lesson in that being PC isn’t really being PC.  That house raised a LOT of money for programs at the mental hospital, all of which were eliminated afterwards.  Booo to stupid people.  I was actually there the next year, and they talked a LOT about how it was eliminated in their group sessions, sad.

But, it got me to wonder — I don’t like getting TOO scared.  I like a little jump in my system but after a jump and if it continues I call that terror and I’m just not a fan.

I don’t get why people would go to those… it just doesn’t seem like a fun way to spend an evening.  What about you?  Did any of you go to the Haunted Forrest in Utah?  I heard that was the epitome of scare.

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    615 Am on a saturday? seriously??!?!? i slept in till 1130 today and it was glorious (and needed)

    I don’t like going to the halloween stores, it has gotten tooooo horror movie/ugly. I took my kids to look for some things for costumes and we all came out a little nervous. it’s gotten out of hand, they should have an adult section and a family friendly section.

    I don’t like haunted anything…no thanks.

    I love dressing up though

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    I also don’t like being scared much beyond that little bit. The Haunted Castle at the Boardwalk has no appeal to me. In conversation with my little sister I realized that I wouldn’t even really want to revisit the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland (at least for a long time). I have such a vivid imagination and I am so easily startled it doesn’t take much to reach my limit…

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    ILOVED the Haunted Forest. It was extra scary because you were outside letting your imagination go wild . . .
    I used to love being scared–scary movies, haunted houses, you name it. But no one ever would go with me, and it became lamer and lamer. Now, I just can’t take it. I’ve been conditioned to not like it because everyone around me dislikes it.
    Anyway, long story short=Haunted Forest awesome, but good to go with a group of people.

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