Sister Wives: The Finale

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Last night was the “Season finale” of Sister Wives.  I would guess that means they’re hoping for more… since it wasn’t a series finale.

I even got Drew to watch it with me.  I know, amazing.

So, this episode was split into 2 1/2 hour episodes.  The first being her preparing for the wedding, along with her sister wives.  I must admit this 4th wife is pretty nice.  She is REALLY trying to make all the wives feel included. They seem to be fairly happy with the preparations, even though the 2nd and 3rd wives didn’t have receptions (which, I think wife #3 has a bit of an issue with, but I digress).  I do find it amusing how they play with people’s minds.  I mean, I am from Utah and I’m pretty sure my jaw would drop if I saw them and they told me they were polygs…. so I’m sure they get that a lot.

So, all the wives have a nice moment going to the bridal shop and they THINK that wife #4 (named Robin) has picked out the gown but wants to keep it a secret.  THEN, Kody — on the couch says “I have a secret, I picked it out.”  Turns out Robin had taken him to the salon and he’d chosen the gown and the other wives freak.  He also does this earlier when they’re picking out cake (you can see it below).  He tells Robin to just pick the one he wants… {note: jerk}

And then I think we saw his true character.  Bringing another child/wife/etc. into a home is a time that you have to make it ALL about the other children.  It’s just not so much about you at that point.  And he’s just throwing this wife in the mix and watching the fray, and even adding to the problems by doing stuff like that.  I mean, why couldn’t he have realized it was a nice moment for the ladies and left it like that.  He should WANT nice moments, instead of stirring the pot.  Drew just shook his head at this thing. I mean, if you really loved someone, wouldn’t you take all their feelings into consideration.  I mean, I guess that’s the best part of marriage is knowing you’re your husbands #1… but these women can’t have that.  They’re somewhere between #2 and #6 — Kody being his own #1, obviously.

The second episode was about the actual wedding.  Poor Robin had to get ready for her wedding with her 3 children being children around her.  I felt pretty bad for her, and of course Kody is oblivious to it all — just manic about sowing his seed that night.  Wedding reception, I guess, is where they kinda came out to their friends, etc and let them know they’re in a plural marraige.

So, I was left to wonder WHY these women would do it.  I look at most of these women and think I could easily be friends with them.  Especially Christine, wife #3.  And normally, people I think I could be friends with aren’t wall flowers, they don’t get walked on and they tend to stand up for themselves.  Christine definitely doesn’t leave herself to be walked on, she seems good about talking about feelings.

Of course, some of my friends have husbands I couldn’t imagine living with…

So, why do they do it?  I think each wife has their own reason.  Wife #1, I think — kind of got stuck with it.  She’s from a plural marriage and she knew Kody wanted that, I think she fell in love with him and just kind of knew it was part of the package, but maybe didn’t know ALL that it would entail.  Either way, when she got into it, she was wife #1.  Wife #2, I think wanted to have kids, and a career and kind of realized that this would be a good spot for her.  She doesn’t seem all that snuggly with Mr. Kody — she seems to really like her life.  Wife #3 got into it for the sisterhood, I think.  She really likes women and the friendships they form.  I can see that being a very positive part of this lifestyle.  However, because she isn’t a fan of being a doormat, she has issues with some of the whole pluralness of it.  Wife #4 just tried to get what she could.  She’s a divorced mother of 3.  Sometimes you’ve gotta buy what’s available. :)

As far as why Kody chose it, I think we’re all aware that I think he will have a special spot in Hell for himself.  I hope his wives have a nice spot in Heaven.  I do think that they believe this is part of their faith (esp. #1 and #3) that will make them better people.  I’m sure they are — they seem pretty saintly to me.

Good luck to them, I hope they have more episodes, I’d watch — of course.

Here’s a few youtube clips from last night:

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  1. says

    I love how detailed you are following this series. Me and my husband caught up on the season last night. I was just so turned off by him kissing his girlfriend when his “wife” was in labor. Gross! Could NOT get over that. Oh, and wasn’t it pretty clear that he was sleeping with Robyn long before their “marriage ceremony”. That showed the level of morality.

    It’s weird-they just dont seem like very religious polygs. Sort of seems like he just likees having lots of wives.

    Man-they filmed everything here in Lehi! I so hope I get to see one of them at Walmart!

  2. says

    I was telling my husband as we were watching, “this is like a really bad wreck on the freeway. You cant believe youre rubbernecking to watch it, but you just cant turn your eyes away….”

    I wonder when the next season will start. :)

  3. says

    Even though I meant to watch more, I only caught about 10 minutes of this series. And they lost me when they were pointing at pictures with the step kids and forcing them to call their new step-father daddy and the other wives, mother. It was creepy and seemed a lot like brainwashing.

  4. says

    I’ve never seen more than a couple of clips from the show, and it’s disturbing on so many levels, I have no intention of ever watching it.
    The male in this situation comes off as a smug, juvenile, egotist and the females seem hapless, pathetic, societal misfits.
    The only reason they’re on TV is because the situation in their home makes everyone else’s homes normal…
    as in, “We could have it worse, we could be like that Mormon Polygamist Family”. LOL

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