Sister Wives: The One Where I Learn to Hate Kody

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Uh, this week’s episode is even worse.  Of course, they split it into 2 episodes.

The first one is Christine (wife #3) giving birth.  The guy just drove me insane.  Honestly, I’m just not a fan of husbands who really want to be “up in the business” when they’re having a baby.  There to catch it, there to make off-color jokes, there to joke at all.  It just kinda creeps me out.  Sometimes fathers do it in a loving, un-creepy way — but it’s rare and I’m pretty astute as to which is which. :)  So, they go, she’s getting induced (first hospital baby), and he runs home to change his clothes, happens to run to the GIRLFRIEND’S house and gives her a few nice smooches while he’s there.  He literally seems like he’s on a high, he’s jovial, jumpy and I’d like to take a urine sample (I’m sure it’d be negative, but maybe you get the picture).  Anyway, they deliver (he delivers, right down there with the doctor — a doctor who I’m sure won’t be getting a ton of malpractice insurance after his company sees that NOT ONLY is it videotaped birth, but the father’s doing it.  But I digress…) and the whole family comes to see the baby.  Mari’s (wife #1) is especially happy because she hasn’t been able to conceive and now she has a new baby to pretend to be her own. 

That did show a few of the perks of polygamy.  Christine didn’t have to find anyone to watch her kids while she had the baby, and she knew there’d be lots of hands to help out when she got home.  Mari wasn’t able to have lots of her own kids, but has been able to mother 13, even if she didn’t bare them (btw, does anyone mention maybe he’s having “conceiving time” too often with the other wives… maybe he should save some swimmers for Mari, after all Christine — wife #3) has had like 6 kids, and if they go in order….)Ok… those were the 2 perks I saw.

Mostly I gleaned that Kody is into sowing his seed.  He likes having kids and I think that may be why he’s getting wife #4, because the other wives are heading into advanced maternal age.  What a shame, at least he got a newer model.

Episode #2 is about Mari’s and Kody’s 20th wedding anniversary.  They get dressed up and go to Le Cai, which is — in fact, the fanciest restaurant in Utah. 

And then she tells him she’s jealous and asks him what he’d do if she slept with another man.

And this is where I learned to hate Kody, I also almost lost the bottom part of my jaw.

“I can’t even imagine how awful those feelings would be, I couldn’t endure them, it’s just against nature.”


Then he goes on to say there’s no good answer because it just shows that he’s not being fair.

Well, HELLO.  You’re not being fair, what a shock.

Here’s the problem, I really think that if this was from God and Kody was really following what GOD wanted him to do, he’d have a good answer to that — because God loves Mari, much more than Kody, and watching her hurt hurts God also. 

The right answer, I supposed would’ve been “I’m sorry it hurts you, it hurts me too, especially to see you like this, let’s try and talk out our/your feelings when you feel that way.”  Another right answer is if God would’ve swallowed Kody into outer darkness right then, and left a giant sum of money for Mari.

Kody, go get some of that wood you chopped down and build a doghouse.  You’re gonna be needing it.

And son of a gun, there are no clips from them at dinner, but this will have to suffice:

And it said that next week’s episodes will be the season finale.  He marries Robin.  I hope Mari sticks it to him, in his “special place”.  I’d like to stamp do not reproduce on his forehead.  Too bad, it’s too late.

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  1. says

    I am so with ya! what really bugged me was how he was asking the doc in front of his wife thats delivering for invetro advice concerning his other wife. Weird! And what the?! How many episodes have they done? 5? And already its the season finale? I just dont get that.

  2. says

    Yeah, I can’t stand him either! Though I’m Mormon and have polygamy in my ancestry, I will never, ever agree with it. And if our church decided to practice it again, I would have to look into some other religions. It’s just creepy! And this show really displays that. Ewww!!

  3. says

    I’m with you! This show rubs me the wrong way! But yes, I can’t stop watching it. One thing that bothers me is that we never hear (unless I missed it) them talk about their religious conviction or more about their beliefs and what’s led them to live this lifestyle even though it’s against the law. They just seem to ramble on and on about it just being the lifestyle they’ve chosen. And part of the vibe I get from them is that it’s because Dad likes to have all these women fawning over him and also adding kid after kid to the clan. My hubby and I wondered if that’s the reason he wants a new wife after all. bleh!

  4. says

    I keep forgetting to watch. I saw the end of the giving birth episode, but was falling asleep and didn’t really “watch” it.

    Although, from your previous posts, I was at the mall the other day in New England and they were displaying a sweater with another shirt layered over the top. Maybe the wives are just extremely fashion forward? (I hope not!)

  5. says

    Just wanted to let you know that because of your blog I am now hooked on Sister Wives. It makes me squirm but I cannot stop watching.

    This last episode was probably the hardest for me to watch. I dont know why Meri keeps pushing Kody to marry other women. Sometimes I think that shes hoping that if she is “more righteous” (for example: lets Kody get married to lots of wives) then she is going to be happier and its going to get easier. Also I just want to say that I also cannot stand Kody! I feel like he is really fake in front of the camera–he wants us all to see him as this happy, loving, fun guy. I don’t believe it.

    I didn’t mean for this to turn into an essay on Sister Wives…

  6. says

    Didn’t Kody also say that the thought of Meri with another man was “vile”? I mean talk about the pot and the kettle! He seriously walks around like a cock in the henhouse. Ridiculous. And if I was that nurse I would have been SO BUGGED. Also I was bugged because it was her first hospital birth. HOME BIRTH SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! I see way too many botched home births. I’m glad that the hospital was a good experience for her. Also, I agree that he picked up Robyn so he can continue to procreate. I’m sure she’ll be pregnant within a year if she’s not already. Ugh.

    And what’s with his hair?

    But I still can’t stop watching….

  7. says

    Jen- I had all three of my babies at home. I LOVED IT and would not have it any other way unless it was absolutely necessary. I am grateful for medical technology for the people that need it, but for the majority of healthy women home birth is a valid and wonderfully AWESOME, EMPOWERING, BEAUTIFUL way to bring children into this world

  8. says

    i should add, in the home birth spectrum there are many different varieties. Birth with a trained midwife and unassisted birth are totally different things. I think it’s wise to do your research and make the best decision for you. Home birth takes planning, forethought, prayer etc. Every situation is unique and different and I’m glad there are OPTIONS.

  9. Mancy says

    This show makes me very sad (and angry). They keep trying to make polygamy look like the Brady Bunch, and for most countries and religions that allow polygamy, it is anything but. Really, it is against the law too. I mean, would any channel think about doing a show about a family of bank robbers, showing them “on the job,” and trying to get away with it? This show isn’t any different. And, in most countries and religions with polygamy, the women have no say and are often quite young. This show almost makes it look like, ‘oh, it is just a different lifestyle.’ Horrible. Cannibalism is just a different lifesytle too. And, as one blogger already pointed out, Kody stated himself he would never put up with “his” women having other relations. Yuck!


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