We Are People Too: Character Flaw

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So, today’s question is — what is a personal character flaw that you’d like to fix so you could better relate with people?

For me, sometimes I think I take sarcasm a bit far.  I mean, I even restrain myself sometimes but I can make a sarcastic comment about anything… and it’s actually a part of me, but I need to know when to tone it down a bit better then I do. 

Sometimes I try to re-play what I just said in my head and think about better ways to have delt with the situation.  And then it heads to obsessing over things.

And no one likes that trait.

Anyway, it’s something I’d like to work on in myself, and I’m not really sure how to do it since it’s SUCH a part of who I am.  Thoughts?

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    I’ve really been working on sarcasm in the last few years. Mostly because I spend enough time conversing with people online nowadays and I realized that it doesn’t often come off correctly over the internet. In person, it’s fine. Well, better. Anyway, since I try not to do it online now, it’s definitely leaked into real life and I find I’m a much less sarcastic person than I once was.

    Hopefully you’ll still like me. :)

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    For me…it’s definitely being critical — of others as well as myself.

    I have been working on being a peacemaker – not complaining, not criticizing, not talking badly of people. So hard for me. And I have to admit I have not been very successful.

    Whatever the opposite of a peacemaker is — a rabblerouser? that’s me.

    I am hoping that with enough desire and a whole lot of practice I might actually get there.

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    My flaws are so numerous it’s hard to know where to begin. I think my biggest thing is being confident in who I am, rather than being such a chameleon. It tend to conform to my audience, rather than just be myself. I think that ends up making me look uncomfortable and immature a lot.

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    Angie – whenever you describe yourself and how you think I always think, ‘That is exactly how it is for me too!’ So just put my name in Angie’s post.

    The other thing that comes to mind is that I worry too much about what everyone thinks of me (this goes with Angie’s chameleon thing – I try to make myself look good to the people I’m with) And I wish I could be more articulate. I talk so much because it takes me so long to say anything of substance.

    And I do a weird eye thing – when I’m talking to someone I over-think and then my eyes start watering so I try to not make eye contact without looking like I’m trying not to make eye contact. It’d be nice to get rid of that one…

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