We Are People Too: Just for You

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So, today’s question:

What is a small thing that you LOVE to do, just for yourself?  And I’m talking small here people, either a small amount of money or free.

For me, it’s watching TV in bed.  I love to do it before bed, I love to do it in the morning, problem is I NEVER get to do it.  I don’t sleep well when I doze off to the TV and in the mornings, heavens knows I’m in high demand…

Anyway, when it does happen I feel like it’s a total luxury and I just feel happy to be alive.

So, what do you do?  Link to it here so we can celebrate in your own small happy moments. :)

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  1. says

    Read. Also in bed. Unfortunately, it seems like the only time is late, late at night or else when housework should be done. So, if I indulge, I’m either very tired or the house is messy. :)

  2. says

    I’d thought I’d share here since my blog is still private (for now).

    One little thing I do for myself is play Warfish – Warfish is an on-line multi-player RISK type game. Brent and Eliza Turner got me into it. The games are played over weeks and there are all sorts of different boards. I just get an email when it is my turn. I make sure I am not in too many games at once and each turn takes usually 5 minutes or less. It is a short escape – getting that email saying it is my turn is something exciting among all the other things to attend to.

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